Austin Green REALTORS

Sky Realty encourages its agents to continue their real estate education. Congratulations to the six Sky Realty agents (including the company President, Curtis Reddehase) who spent time earning their EcoBroker designation. All designations are important. They demonstrate an agent who is willing to continue learning and improve their ability to perform their duties to the real estate consumer looking for a green home in Austin. The Eco Broker certification training does not make these agents experts in everything “green” but it has trained them to be more aware of all the changes in the ecological and environmental issues involved in today’s real estate market. Technology, specifically green technology, is continually changing, making it imperative that real estate professionals continue to educate themselves and the public about green real estate market issues. The availability and rising cost of energy has added a heightened awareness about conservation and environmental concerns. Through technology, today’s consumers have information at their fingertips and with all this information comes an outpouring of misinformation. These Sky Realty agents are among a few in Austin who have the knowledge to assist buyers and sellers with their decisions about the many green options available to the consumer. They will be able to utilize their training and expertise by providing innovative techniques to identify properties with green attributes and offering consumers a unique perspective about green market issues. The concepts of energy efficiency, recycling, sustainability and improving our relationship with the environment are not new, but the ability to adapt the idea into practical use is becoming more readily attainable through programs offered by government and private entities. Sky Realty real estate professionals with the EcoBroker designation have the education to help correct the commonly overused and misused terminology about the green market issues, past and present. They will be able to provide resources and information about the practicality and affordability of many green products and their applications in today’s market. Again, congratulations to these Sky Realty agents for the time and hard work involved in attaining the EcoBroker certification and all real estate professionals who continue to educate themselves, professionals who continue to expand their knowledge and provide excellent service to the consumer.


Janie Miller/EcoBroker

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