Brooke Merriman

         (512) 766-4395

Brooke Merriman

         (512) 766-4395
Brooke prides herself in successfully bringing a property and client together through strategic marketing plans. She has the innate ability to understand and meet her clients’ needs and prides herself in being viewed as a trusted advisor throughout the process. Being a natural negotiator, she stays calm and focused through what can potentially be a complex and stressful time.

She values the importance of listening to buyers and sellers intently and her outgoing personality immediately puts her clients at ease. Brooke’s decision to enter real estate was an easy one, having grown up in a family with a history of sales and having been a native Texan, these two attributes have come together to shape what is her dream career today.

Brooke is a great individual who always takes the time to take care of whoever she’s serving. As a teacher, she took the time to interact with her students, build relationships with them, and went the ‘extra mile’ to ensure their needs are met. As an individual, Brooke is a person of excellent moral character who will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. She has never let me down and I trust that she won’t let anyone down as she ventures in a new career.

-Edgar T. LJHS Principal

Brooke has always been known for her hard work and diligence. She is very knowledgeable and makes sure she meets and exceeds your expectations.

– Patricia B.

It has been a privilege to work with Ms. Brooke Merriman. There are several characteristics I admire about her including her work ethic and personal skills. Ms. Merriman’s perseverance to achieve either a personal or business goal is astonishing. She treats every task as if it is just as important as the others and won’t stop until a job is well done. Her professionalism proceeds her with the way that she carries herself, communicates with others, and willingness to put others needs first when she is working with you. If she doesn’t reel you in with her smile, warm charm, and cheery personality, her willingness to make you as comfortable and happy as possible will!

– Avri D.

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