Alicia Finn

         (512) 210-9585

Alicia Finn

(512) 210-9585

Alicia Finn has lived in Texas the majority of her life. She has observed the changes in real estate over the past years and understands how intimidating the process of buying, selling, or even just searching for real estate can be. When faced with challenges big or small in any aspect of life, she embraces them as opportunities to prosper. Helping others overcome life’s hurdles and achieve their goals is her passion.

Because of Alicia’s extensive background including 13 years of teaching in a tight knit community, she has witnessed, first hand, the necessity of a strong foundation. Any solid community is comprised of individuals, those individuals are molded by the most important entity of all…Family. Alicia knows that a house is simply a house until you add a family. Then it becomes a HOME. She does not just want to be your realtor; anyone can do that. She will stand by your side and help conquer any obstacles, should they arise, throughout the entire process. She understands this is one of the most important decisions you can make. Let Alicia assist you in this journey and take you HOME.


Alicia was a joy to work with and more than anything I feel truly fortunate to have had her assisting us in our first ever commercial lease. As you can imagine, with us being first time business owners, we had many questions and concerns in making the decision on where to open our first business. Alicia was an absolute professional during our selection process, as she worked tirelessly is answering our questions, communicating with landlord, and overall assuring that all of our needs were met.
I will undoubtedly recommend Alicia to all my family or friends with real estate needs.

-Scott A.

I have known Alicia for only a few short years now but I feel like we have been friends much longer. She is an extremely hardworking and dedicated professional and an all-around solid person to know in life. My wife has worked with her on a professional level so I’ve seen firsthand how she handles herself in a professional setting and I’ve always been sincerely impressed by her attitude, her work ethic, and her ability to put her own personal touch into everything that she does. As the owner operator of my own financial advising firm, I respect the effort she puts into work, life and friendships. Alicia has a way of bringing people together and focusing on a goal in a manner that elevates the people around her to perform at their very best in sometimes difficult situations. While she is impressive on a professional level, she is equally as impressive on a friendship level. In the short time I’ve had the privilege to call her my friend; I have come to know her as a loyal and passionate person. She is the type of person that you want on your side and seemingly never fails to be there when you need her. My family has had some difficult times and losses in the time we’ve known Alicia and she has always been there to support us, lend us her shoulder and truly remind us that we are loved and appreciated. For that, I will forever be grateful. There are few people in this world like her and quite frankly the world needs more people like Alicia in it. She is a fantastic person and we are grateful to have her in our lives. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with her or be her friend will see her in the same light that I do.


Alicia Finn is passionate about challenges that come her was. She will do anything and everything in her power to help those she cares about. Her response time is fast and she will not stop working for you until you are satisfied.


Alicia is a warm, friendly, extremely driven person. She won’t stop until any job she is given is done and you can always count on her to be early, prepared, and full of ideas to get the ball rolling. She is honest and fair. Trusting someone with selling your home you’ve poured your heart and soul into is a big decision, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call Alicia to make sure I am included and updated throughout the whole process.


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