Farm and Ranch Land Around Austin

Texas is known for its large farm and ranch properties, some of which have become quite famous over the years such as the King Ranch. Austin is the crown jewel of Central Texas offering all the best amenities any city in the country can offer, and just a few minutes outside of the Austin city limits into the surrounding counties, whether you travel north, east, south, or west, you will find some of the finest farm and ranch properties in the country. (Scroll down for more.) Here is a REALTOR very familiar with farm and ranch properties around Austin.

Types of Farm and Ranch properties

The counties that surround Austin offer a rich variety of choices when considering a farm or ranch property. West and south of Austin, the Texas Hill Country is fast becoming known as the Texas Wine Country! Vineyards where established years ago when the Europeans settled in the area but died out only to emerge again. The Texas wine country is the second fastest growing wine destination in the country with over 30 wineries.

When you take a drive from Austin To the north, east,and south you can still see miles of cotton, corn, sorghum, and of course hay in production at any given time of the year. There are a lot of organic farms both big and small. And of course no matter which direction you go you will always see cattle from Longhorns, Brangus, Angus, Buffalo, Beefalo, Brahmas, Simmental, Wagyu, Zebu and many more. And horses, lots of horses, with Texas being a destination for quality American Quarter and Paint Horses as well as many other breeds. Put cows and horses together and you get competitions such as roping, and cutting which are big in Central Texas.

Don’t surprised if you look out your window and you see exotic animals out grazing as this area of Central Texas is also a hot bed for exotic wildlife breeding, hunting, and sanctuaries. You can find Arabian onyx, Nubian Ibex, Axis deer, Blackbuck, 4-horn sheep, white-tailed deer, Camels, Ostrich, Emus, Buffalo, and more.

Weather and Soil Types of Farm and Ranch properties

There is a big degree of difference in weather and soil types within a one hundred mile radius of Austin as indicated by the wide variety of crops grown. The Texas Hill country is a bit drier and the soil a bit less dense with good drainage, the farm and ranch areas to the north, east, and south can get a lot more rain, and offer a more compact soil – that good old black dirt – that is needed for great crop production. Horses need a more sandy loam soil for drainage which can be found in pockets in about every direction.


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