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About Saltillo Lofts

The Saltillo Lofts are a lovely project built by Constructive Ventures and located at 1601 East 5th Street. It has the distinct advantage of being right next to the Plaza Saltillo commuter rail stop at 5th and Comal in East Austin. While, yes, this means you’re near the trains (the city says they’re supposed to be quiet), it also means you can hop on a train downtown. And it places you in an area that may experience the type of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) that is expected of such stops.

Saltillo Lofts – The Complex

The parking for Saltillo Lofts is gated and street level behind the units. The units line an interior courtyard with grass berms. Some of the units are commercial. The developer incorporated a streetscape on E 5th between the train tracks and the unit. There’s a decidedly good urban feel about the location.

A Sample Three-Story Saltillo Loft Floor Plan

Many of the units are town home-style with entry on the first floor, living on the second and two unwalled bedrooms up top. Concrete makes up the first and second floors on these floor plans. The third story’s long leaf pine floor makes up the ceiling of the second floor.

Saltillo – Standard Look

High ceilings and exposed steel beams give these units a slight industrial feel. If that doesn’t appeal to you, note that they have wood windows which add definite warmth.

What’s near 5th and Comal?

Besides the commuter rail stop, there are retails shops and services as part of the development and restaurants within walking distance. Huston Tillotson College is just a few more blocks away. Additionally, on the way to Downtown Austin from here, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on – galleries, restaurants and entertainment venues. And I said ‘on the way to Downtown’ for a reason – Downtown is close!

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