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About Cobra Studios

Cobra Studios are fun! Located at 902 Gardner, they are designed to be live/work or live/studio spaces, and are great for those who like to be creative. Developed in 2009, they have rainwater collection cisterns, garage door systems for windows in some cases and high ceilings. Let’s call the style creative urban industrial.

Cobra Studios – Units

If you like concrete, steel and glass, you might like these condos as those are the main materials. Cobra Studios have concrete floors, cinder block walls and metal ceilings and trusses. Floor plans are long with a front area separated by a back area by the kitchen, bath and dining space. Fronts open up to the street and backs to the courtyard. The spaces are open. Residents can define rooms if they want – with furniture, curtains, glass walls and the like. Each condo has its own gardening area that can be fed by the rainwater collection cistern.

The Cobra Studios Community

The community has 24 units in 4 buildings. The units that open up with a courtyard in the middle. The courtyard is grassy and has shade trees. Residents can open their back garage door window systems to be connected to what’s happening.

Where is Cobra Studios?

Cobra Studios is located just south of Bolm Road between Airport and Ed Bluestein Boulevards. The area is somewhat commercial at this point. But, for artists wanting to live here and participate in the East Austin Studio Tour, this is a fabulous location! It’s in the heart of the East Austin and also just a little over 4 miles to Downtown Austin.

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