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About Chestnut Commons Condos

Chestnut Commons is a darling development located at at 1601 Miriam Ave in East Austin just a bit southwest from the MLK commuter rail station . While condos, 30 of the 60 units are like freestanding homes with yards. The exterior colors are vibrant and eye catching.  Brought to Austin in 2007/2008, the developer succeeded in bringing brand new value-priced homes closer to Downtown Austin.

Chestnut Commons Floor Plans

The units, whether the freestanding home condos or one-bedroom flats, have well-designed, usable floor plans. The finish outs are nice. Residents of the freestanding units have yards. To get the urban feel that exists, the parking is behind the home-style units on the front street. In some cases, this means a bit of a walk to your garage. The hope is, though, that the commuter rail becomes a source of transportation over time! Succulent-rich common areas throughout the complex encourage community gatherings.

The Chestnut Commons and TOD

With transit hubs comes transit-oriented development (TOD), or so goes the theory. And Chestnut Commons is located right where we might see a lot of action. The plans for the MLK Commuter Rail Station include quite a bit of development for the area. Apartment homes, retail, services…. if all goes as planned, this should be a benefit to Chestnut Commons in time.

Other Features of Chestnut Commons’ Location

Chestnut Commons is very close to Downtown Austin and to the University of Texas at Austin. More or less equidistant between Manor Road and 11th St, residents can enjoy both of these neighborhoods equally.

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