6th and Brushy Condos For Sale

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About 6th and Brushy Condos

6th & Brushy Condos are located at 601 Brushy St. in Austin and is a highly visible condo development. Built in 2007 just one block east of I35, it has a super slick exterior. It tends to grab people’s attention. Additionally, it has some commercial live/work spaces which have attracted some interesting businesses.

About the 6th and Brushy Units

The 6th & Brushy condos are urban industrial. Metal trusses, metal grates and black fireproofing line the ceilings. Sliding barn door systems, sleek cabinetry, hip Silestone countertops, and funky shaped kitchen drop-downs add to the urban feel. Plus, units have beautiful commercial grade window systems.

6th & Brushy Complex

There are 22 units at 6th and Brushy. The ground floor houses four commercial spaces and the two town home style are two of the units with spectacular views of Downtown Austin. There’s gated parking from the back alley. There are no other amenities. Except… that Downtown Austin is your back door.

They Say Location is Everything – 6th and Brushy

6th and Brushy condos are located just across I35 from Downtown Austin. This location provides easy access to Downtown Austin and to everything going on on E 6th St. in East Austin. There are some drawbacks to the location, like proximity to I35 and noise from passers by heading to Downtown. But, the commercial grade window systems help cut down the noise enormously. Plus, if you want to live close to Downtown, you’re never going to experience total silence.

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