Clarksville Heights Condos For Sale

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About Clarksville Heights Condos

Clarksville Heights Condos are located at 1201 Marshall Ln. Many people want to live in Clarksville. There are more and more condo developments in Clarksville. This one may ooze the most charm. Originally an apartment building it was converted to condos in 2008. Original wood floors and a fabulous craftsman style finish out make this a nice entry point into the neighborhood!

Where are Clarksville Heights Condos

Located at 1202 and 1204 Marshall Lane, residents are just a few blocks from W. Lynn Street. Head the other way and you’re not far from Downtown Austin. One of the first things you’ll hit if you head west down the hill is Whole Foods Market.

What are Clarksville Heights Condos like?

Clarksville Heights is made up of two buildings with six condos in each. Each building has an upstairs and a downstairs two bedroom and 2 one bedrooms on each floor. A drive runs between the two buildings that takes residents to their parking spots. There’s an outdoor grill.