Agent Testimonials


Suzanne GantnerI was the number 2 hire for Sky Realty almost 6 years ago. It has been a wonderful experience and opportunity. I have grown so much and learned so much. I can’t even begin to say how much I love Sky Realty. We get along so well, we work so well together and enjoy each others company. It is a wonderful company. I get recruitment calls all the time and I tell them you couldn’t pay me enough to leave Sky Realty.

Suzanne Gantner

“There is just no comparison to the technology and tools Sky Realty has to offer.”

Dotti Driver


Elissa SextonSky Realty has made me feel welcome and part of a team. Agents here look out for each other by helping their fellow agents at every opportunity. Our leader, Curtis, shares all of the information he finds with us about marketing, technology, and real estate. He explores all the marketing tools from newsletters to postcards to websites and social media and brings his knowledge of the subject to us by teaching a class so we can implement these tools in our business. Not to mention all the extra marketing that Sky does for our listings, it can not be beat! Curtis truly wants us to do well and makes himself available to all the agents in the office. He is a great example of how hard work pays off! He makes me want to be better.

Elissa Sexton



Working at Sky Realty has been the BEST move I could ever make. Not only has my business increased with Sky leads, I have leads coming to my website that I don’t have to pay for. The learning environment at Sky is just what any self driven agent needs, you decide what classes to attend, what pace to work at and what level of achievement you reach. Thank you Sky.

Rachelle Anselmi





I get asked a lot which broker I work for and it is one of my favorite questions to answer. I worked with two major brokers before finding my way to Sky Realty; sort of like the cliche about taking so long to get to Texas but finally got here. To find my final broker home I interviewed with several other offices because I wanted to make sure this would be my last home. The difference between Sky Realty and the others, briefly, is the people (friendly,supportive, talented), the on-going education (free weekly classes), no monthly or franchise fees and a great broker/agent split (keep your money), access to the office/computers/conference rooms at all times. Walk in the door, meet with Curtis, drink some good coffee, laugh with the other agents, call it home. That simple.

Brenda Starr

BHoustonAfter trying a couple of other Real Estate Companies in my first year and a half of being licensed, I came to Sky Realty. I was looking for a broker that I could get answers to my questions quickly. I know how important it is to watch how you answer questions and my team broker is extremely helpful in wording things as accurately as possible and also in helping to prevent anxiety. Keeping clients calm is important and as a new agent, her input is valuable. Another reason that I chose Sky is because of their technology classes. When I get ready to build my own site and capture my own leads, I can count on the knowledge of the agents and Curtis’ teamwork attitude to make it successful. All in all, I haven’t found a reason not to be here!

Barbara Houston


Making the move to Sky Realty was absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done for my Real Estate Career. As a Broker, I naturally had some reservations about joining a company and giving up part of my hard-earned commissions. But I’ve found that the opportunities Sky Realty gives me more than compensate for those concessions. My perfect environment is one in which I learn and grow professionally, interact and collaborate with a group of like-minded and well-respected agents, and incorporate technology into my marketing plan to take full advantage of Web 2.0. I never thought I would find that, but I’m happy to say that I did at Sky Realty. The atmosphere at Sky Realty is a stimulating mix comprised of regular training on a variety of subjects, agents who share and willingly help each other, and a company President who truly cares about our careers and goals and is available to give us both guidance and motivation. I now look forward to getting up and going to work every day, and can already see an increase in my business after only two and a half months. I have been in Real Estate for over 6 years now. I spent the first several years relying on a big name company for branding and third party companies for handling my web presence. My business has developed more in my last 6 months with Sky Realty than in the previous 6 years! I no longer have to squeeze myself into the “Big Name” company’s image. And thanks to all the hands on training and mentor-ship I now have complete control over my internet marketing. What is one word to describe the Sky experience? Empowering

Karen Dwyer