10 Tips to Prevent Winter Illness

cold-womanTake Your Vitamins

Loading up on vitamin C to fight off colds is nothing new, but that isn’t the only vitamin that is your friend this time of year. Researchers say that taking the right dose of vitamin D3 once a week not only helps your body to fight off colds, but can cut your chance of an upper respiratory infection in half.

Wash Up & Keep Your Hands Down

Washing our hands is the first, and arguably most important, step to fighting germs. Viruses often gain access to our systems through our own touch so it stands to reason that keeping our hands off our face helps to prevent illness.  It is no easy feat, as most of us touch our faces hundreds of times a day, but making a conscious effort to touch your face less can greatly minimize the chance of infection.

Get a Daily Dose of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt and other probiotics have many health benefits. The healthy bacteria can be a big help in boosting our immune system when consumed daily.

Stay Social

Staying cooped up during the winter months does not actually keep us healthy. Research shows that a more effective key to evading illness is adding a little variety to our social lives rather than suspending it on account of the cold. Interacting with different people is actually more helpful than staying home.

Get in Your Z’s

The standard seems to be that getting the right amount of sleep has great health benefits, and fighting off germs is no exception to this rule. Exhaustion is taxing on our bodies in many ways. Getting the shut eye you need will help keep your immune system run as it should making for a healthier winter.

Season with Garlic

The allicin in garlic is a potent infection fighter. A clove a day, or 250 milligrams of a garlic supplement, can also boost your immune system and fight off colds this season.

Let a Little Moisture In

Viruses prefer dry air because they can travel more freely among us. Cold air doesn’t hold the amount of  water needed to push viruses to the ground. Combining low relative humidity with cold temperatures creates ideal conditions for viral breeding. One way to combat this is hydrating you nasal passage to flush out germs.

Gargle Germs Away

It takes time to get sick once we have come in contact with germs because they have to fight their way through the mucus in our throats before they can attack our cells. Simply gargling shortly after coming face-to-face with germs, which is basically any time of day, helps to wash away germs before they have a chance to take hold.

Stay Calm

Easier said than done, but its not a new revelation that stress has negative effects on our immune systems. Whether you meditate or just take deep breaths, doing your best to fight stress and stay calm will give your immune system the best chance at working to keep you healthy all winter long.

Move Around

Staying active with moderate exercise aids in distributing immune cells throughout your body. That doesn’t mean pushing yourself to the limit, but including physical activity in your routine will help your body fight illnesses that may try to take you down.


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