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About Las Casas Verdes

Las Casas Verdes, (Green Houses) or (Energy Efficient homes in Austin) is a great name that brings to mind Spanish haciendas, homes that were built for comfort and were built to take advantage of the natural surroundings and elements to create this comfort.

The content for this page was created by a REALTOR® in our office who works hard to be informed about green living. Her name is Janie Miller and she can help you learn all about Las Casas Verdes homes.

Las Casas Verdes— A Vision of David Martin

Las Casas Verdes is an “Eco-Responsible” development with a 5 stars plus rating. There will be 20 single family homes, architecturally designed and built to create a truly energy efficient home that utilizes the elements of solar, wind and water in a move toward zero energy usage. Homes will be built specific to each lot to take advantage of solar and wind direction, each with its own unique character but all the while maintaining the Texas craftsman style with a modern design in keeping with the architectural details and projects concept. Standard features incorporated into the designs include a 3KW Solar Photovoltaic System for electrical generation and solar thermal panels for hot water. Other design features such as porches, shade trees with other landscaping design, overhangs, heat chimneys, operable awnings, window placement and high ceilings will all work together with the natural breezes to circulate air throughout the home naturally, especially in the spring and fall. The 2000 gallon capacity rainwater collection system will collect water from galvalume gutters and down spouts which will provide pressurized water for use in toilets and outdoor hose bibs. Las Casas Verdes has combined the use of natural elements, indoors and outdoors, to create a home that provides the benefits of an energy efficient home with style and comfort.

Las Casa Verdes Location and Schools

Las Casa Verdes is located in Southwest Austin just off Brodie Lane, on the corner of Longview Road and Cameron Loop. With local schools nearby, residents should verify exact boundaries and other school related information with Austin ISD.

Las Casas Verdes Amenities

Las Casas Verdes provides a common area and small park area for residents to take advantage of for outdoor living and entertaining. Outside the neighborhood you will find a nearby park, hike and bike trails. Local shopping and dining is also nearby. Las Casas Verdes is situated in an area that can utilize the major roadways to move throughout the Austin Metro area for more variety in shopping, dining and other entertainment venues.

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