Lake Austin Waterfront Homes and Real Estate

Lake Austin is the part of the Colorado River that runs from the Tom Miller Dam to Mansfield Dam. It spans 22 miles and is generally a constant level lake. Since the water from Lake Travis comes through the bottom of the Tom Miller Dam, the water is very cold. It’s refreshing when the temperatures soar into the 90s. Several neighborhoods on both sides of the lake are considered Lake Austin waterfront homes. Many of these homes are either on the water or on a cliff overlooking the river. Even though some of these homes had a past life as lakeside cabins, they are desirable for the the lakefront location, rather than the structure. Many of the homes are quite luxurious and are stunning to see from the lake. (Scroll down for more.) We have knowledgeable REALTORS that can help you with information on Lake Austin waterfront homes.

More about it

The homes on the north and south side of the river are mostly priced in the millions. Most of the waterfront homes have boat docks. There are also a few waterfront restaurants to pull in to get gas and food, from Hula Hut and Mozart’s near the Tom Miller Dam, to Ski Shores near City Park. City Park has a roped area for swimming for the campers who come out to be on the water. You can pull your boat up and swim with the campers.

Photos of Lake Austin

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Lake Austin Photos provided by Brian Reynolds

How to get there

From downtown Austin, travel Lake Austin Boulevard and follow along the river. You will meander through Scenic Drive to Mt. Bonnell Road. From there it will dead end into RR 2222. There are several waterfront neighborhoods that run off RR 2222. This is one search that a Realtor can really help you with since finding the kind of home you are looking for might be difficult. On the south side of the river, you will wind through West Lake Hills and several neighborhoods that run off of Bee Caves Road.

What to Do on the Water

Lake Austin allows motor boats, whereas as Lady Bird Lake only allows non-motorized watercraft. There are places to rent boats and ski docks along the lake. Water skiing is one of the pleasures of living on the water. You will see some skiers in wet suits because of the cold water temperature. Paddling around in your kayak or canoe is also fun. Most of the rowing takes place on Lady Bird Lake. Just splashing in the water is fun on a hot summer day.