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About Mueller

The Mueller Development is an innovative, eco-friendly, and progressive muti-use development. The concept was a village style community where businesses, retailers and residential home sites could coexist and even prosper. When fully completed, Mueller is proposed to have 10,000 residents, 10,000 jobs and 140 acres of green space. With its proximity to Downtown Austin, The University of Texas and the State Capitol, Mueller is sure to be an exciting and vital part Austin.

The Mueller community in Austin is a multi-use development project that was approved by the Austin City Council in the year 2004. Mueller residents enjoy living close to shops and businesses which enhance their day-to-day living. Mueller residents are close to downtown Austin which adds to Mueller’s overall convenience.

What is a multi-use development?

In contrast to an area with single-use zoning, multi-use developments are designed to offer a community different options for commercial and residential use. The benefits of a multi-use community can include decreasing the need for transportation and increasing the sense of a closer-knit community. Mueller is an award-winning multi-use development with sustainability as one of its biggest goals. Mueller is exceeding many of its urban goals and is ultimately expected to be home to 10,000 people.

Where is Mueller?

Mueller is a successful redevelopment and re-use project of 709 acres in east Austin. Originally the site of Robert Mueller Airport, Mueller is located just east of Interstate 35 and south of 51st Street. Its boundaries to the south are Manor Road and Airport Drive is to the south and west. Mueller is directly south of Bartholomew Park and west of Morris Williams Golf Course.

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