Cedar Fever

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4 ways to offset Cedar allergies

ADC allergist, Dr. John Villacis, known to his patients as “Dr. V”, stopped by the KXAN studios to discuss what individuals can do to offset the upcoming Cedar Fever, cedar allergy season.

Cedar fever symptoms include:

  • itchy eyes
  • itchy nose
  • sneezing
  • mucus


What can you do?

Dr. V says 4 things can make the difference in helping you cope with cedar allergies, which usually hit in late December.

  • Clean your house – change your air filters, use special allergy-proof covers for mattresses and pillows
  • Visit your allergist – your allergist can tell you whether you are suffering from allergies or if it is a cold
  • Take your medications early – Dr. V advises his patients to begin taking their allergy medications 2-4 weeks ahead of the start of allergy season to see the most benefit.
  • Get your allergy shots – if you have not already begun shot therapy it is too late for this season, but not too late to get allergy tested and begin your immuno-therapy for next season.

iStock_000004716347_Large WebDr. V points out that getting an allergy shot is not as simple as getting a flu shot.  Your allergist wants to make sure you are getting the right treatment for the allergens affecting you.

Source: https://www.adclinic.com/2014/12/4-ways-to-offset-cedar-allergies/#.VKHGsf8ADk